Half Way There....

The Lakewood Community Foundation Fund has begun their new campaign to reach their original goal of $1 million.  The Fund is currently at about $500,000.  President Dave Betz announced the plan to send out solicitation letters to over 250 local residents.  Betz said, “We who have been blessed by success in Lakewood need to give back to Lakewood.  And the Lakewood Community Foundation Fund is the best way to do it.  Our goal in this campaign is to reach the $1 Million level, and also to let people know about the LCFF.  We’re the best kept secret in Lakewood right now.”

Established in 1993, the LCFF is a permanent endowment, with all grants being directed in the community of Lakewood only.  As the original goal of $1 million is reached, the Board plans on an annual grants budget of about $50,000.  Recent grants have included Caring for Kids, Tillicum Community Center and the Lakewood Senior Center.

“Lakewood is a barbell community: on one end, two country clubs, several lakes and successful residents; and on the other end: serious poverty.  The rich and the poor.  The Lakewood Community Foundation Fund’s goal is to work on improving the one end of that ‘barbell’.”

Current board members include Betz,  Tom Sadler, Dave Covey, Dee Ebsen, Bill Harrison, Larry Saunders, Bonnie Kern, Clara Ladd, Gary Fulton, Greg Rediske, and Randy Black.  Board members come from the community at large, Lakewood Rotary and Clover Park Rotary.

For more information:  www.lakewoodfoundation.org