The goal of the Foundation is to increase the permanent endowment to $1 million. Already earnings have enabled the Foundation to fund college scholarships and to make grants to local charities serving Lakewood’s greatest needs. The following grants have been made that directly serve Lakewood charities, children and families.

2018 Third Quarter Financials


Beginning Assets, End of 1st Quarter: $ 934,508.04
3rd Quarter Contributions: $ 14,160.00
Interest: $ 3601.14
Realized Gains: $ 6445.91
Unrealized Gains: $ 18,178.39

$  1877.72

GTCF Fees: ($ 2147.71)
Ending Assets, thru 3rd Quarter 2018: $972.866.92


Grants approved for 2018

Caring for Kids $ 4,900.00
Nourish Pierce County $ 2,500.00
Centerforce $ 2,100.00
LASA $ 2,500.00
Operation Homefront $ 1,500.00
EFN $ 2,500.00
Lions (Springbrook) $ 2,000.00
Lakewood Baseball $ 2,500.00
Lakewood Community Players $ 2,400.00
Partners for Parks $ 4,000.00
Total $ 26,900.00


2018 First Quarter Financials Posted

Beginning Assets, End of 4th Quarter: $ 956,902.54
1st Quarter Contributions: $ 3,500.00
Interest: $ 2,558.10
Realized Gains: $ 2,216.52
Unrealized Gains: ($ 11,909.77)
Fees: ($ 400.28)
GTCF Fees: ($ 2,059.52)
Bank Fees, other fees: ($ 6.78)
Ending Assets, thru 1st Quarter, 2018: $ 949,850.81

Fourth Quarter Financials for 2017 Posted

Beginning Assets, End of 3rd Quarter: $ 907,199.92
4th Quarter Contributions: $ 17,390.00
Interest: $ 7,137.54
Realized Gains: $ 8,315.87
Unrealized Gains: $ 19,563.95
Fees: ($ 384.95)
GTCF Fees: ($ 2,143.62)
Bank Fees, other fees: ($ 186.18)
Ending Assets, thru 1st Quarter, 2018: $ 956,902.54

Larry Saunders Service Award Winner: Diane Formoso

Larry Saunders Service Award Winner: Diane Formoso

We would like to congratulate the 2017 Larry Saunders Service Award Winner Diane Formoso of Caring For Kids!

Caring for Kids, an all-volunteer organization, started forty-three years ago with a little clothing bank in the back of the old Lakeview Elementary School in Lakewood, WA.

Diane Formoso was a bus driver for the school and found that most of her students were in need. That Christmas a little boy got on her bus and shared with tears in his eyes that Santa was not coming to his house because his mother had to pay the rent. Diane made sure that Santa did come to Michael’s house that year. That was when the clothing bank started in the back of the counselor’s office to help struggling families and Caring for Kids was born. Diane is the founder and executive director working on a daily basis to help kids in need. Each time a new project started it was with one story of need.

Click here to learn more about Caring For Kids.

Larry Saunders Service Award Winner: Diane Formoso