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Press Release & Newsletter: June 1, 2016

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   • 2016 Mid-Year End Newsletter

The Lakewood Community Foundation Fund (LCFF) has grown to an $800,000 permanent endowment, raised by citizens and the business community of Lakewood.  Together, we strive to make a difference for Lakewood, to ensure that our city remains a safe and prosperous place in which to live, work, recreate and raise healthy productive children. The LCFF helps by providing funding to benefit and support the organizational network of our community.

2015 Mid-Year Newsletter

The Lakewood Community Foundation Fund (LCFF) is currently an $800,000 permanent endowment raised by citizens and businesses in Lakewood. The purpose and mission of the Foundation is to ensure that Lakewood remains a wonderful community in which to live, work and play. The fund is intended to provide funding to the community to enhance opportunities and quality of life in Lakewood. The Lakewood Community Foundation Fund is an endowment for Lakewood’s future.

New Financials

The Lakewood Community Foundation is pleased to announce it has approved and distributed $12,500 in grants benefiting the Lakewood community for 2012. Beneficiaries are:

Springbrook Park Expansion Project $2,500
Communities in Schools of Lakewood
After School programs $1,000
Lakewood Area Shelter Association $1,500
Lakewood Library
Learning Environments $2,000
St. Vincent De Paul Society
Lakewood emergency services programs $2,000
Boy & Girls Club of Lakewood
Great Futures Scholars Fund $3,500

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